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Rearview Mirror: God Street Wine (Relix Revisited)

by Randy Ray on December 19, 2013

Photo by Lisa Snyder

Though a decade has passed and many projects musical and non-musical have come and gone, Faber admists to reminicing about his God Street Wine days “every once in a while.” As it turns out, he’s been doing more than just thinking about it. “I have been working on digging up old God Street Wine material, digitizing it and getting it in a form so that eventually I can put all of our stuff online for free download,” Faber confirms. “That’s really what I would like to eventually have. I have a ton of stuff – solo and band stuff – and a bunch of good video, too, that I would like to get out to anyone that is interested.” If the Internet is any indication, fans are still interested.

Moreover, the band came back to the stage this past summer. God Street Wine’s original taper Paul Ducharme passed away last May and the band thought it was appropriate to honor him with a few sets of music. “I think we all just instantly felt that it was the right thing to do to get together and play,” says Faber. “It turned out to be a wonderful experience and we were so glad that we did it.”

When asked if the band developed any thoughts about reuniting for a proper tour, Faber confirms as much: “As far as getting together again, we have been talking about it and there is nothing concrete I can tell you.” After a small pause he adds, “Hopefully, within the next year, something will happen.

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