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Read Pete Seeger’s Final Letter

by Rob Slater on January 30, 2014

Fretboard Journal uncovered this letter from Sacramento "jamvangelist" Kim Alexander. Alexander wrote legendary folk musician Pete Seeger on August 26 of last year, a date that holds personal meaning to her. "I wrote the letter on August 26, which is my late father's birthday,” Kim says. “I make a point of writing a letter to someone who matters to me on that day each year.”

Unfortunately, Kim never received a reply, or so she thought. Seeger passed away on January 27, but not before he wrote to one last fan. Alexander opened her mailbox on January 28 to find a letter from Beacon, NY postmarked January 25, 2014. In the envelope was Kim's original letter with Seeger's response in the margins. In the letter, Seeger remarks that his health is not good and he is currently under the care of his daughter, Tinya. Signing off as "94-year-old Pete," Seeger left Alexander with a sketch of a banjo along with his signature.


Priceless! Just shows what kind of a man Pete Seeger was.

By Faith Ann - 01/30/14

Guthrie said his machine killed fascists. I’d like to think Mr. Seeger aimed to kill anyone using the word ‘jamvangelist’ unironiy.

By Imma callyu Josh - 01/30/14


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