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NFL Films Presents “Phish and Russell Wilson”

January 02, 2014

NFL Films has finally debuted the short film that details the connection between Phish and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

UPDATE: It looks like NFL Films have taken the video off of YouTube. You can still watch the full documentary here.


F’ing sweet.

By Sam - 01/02/14

Phish and NC State alum Russell Wilson. Doesn’t get any better than that!

By Harpua - 01/02/14

The NFL knows PHiSH is out there, I’ve been pushing since 11’ to see that phish makes a SuperBowL appearance one of these years, Seattle has integrated their music , I’m sick of these pop artist , I want American. Rock n roll.. Any other fans out there push the N FL I’m am… Phish for Super Bowl whenever

By Albit - 01/02/14

Chad @ 12:36

By Lovinus - 01/02/14

Go Wolphpack!

By 58 Wolf Kennel - 01/02/14

surprise show in NYC if seattle makes the superbowl?

By Mr. Miner - 01/02/14

hell yeah, love Phish but im a pats fan. braaadyyy just wouldnt sound right

By Jeff - 01/02/14

Hate to correct you guys, but Russel is not an NC State alum.  He graduated from Wisc after leaving there wink

By Chris - 01/02/14

Chris - hate to correct you but Russel graduated from NC State first, then went to Wisc.  That’s why he was able to play immediately.  So he is an NCSU Alum.

By Steve- - 01/02/14

I hate to correct your correction…...but RW is an NC State graduate. He transferred after finishing his degree there. He is most definitely an alumnus (BTW….just attending a school qualifies a person as an alum).

By Christ - 01/02/14

Hate to correct you but Russell is both a NC State and a Wisconsin alum.  He finished his undergrad degree at NC State prior to his transfer to Wisconsin

By GlenG - 01/02/14


By mICHAEL - 01/02/14

while wilson may have graduated from nc state, the football team didn’t want him back, and he considers himself a badger. just watch his commercials where he holds up a wisconsin shirt when asked about his college.  go badgers!

By badger - 01/03/14

He cites one school in his commercial because it’s easier than explaining 2 and Wisconsin is his most recent school. However he still has a strong identification with NC State, evidenced by the fact that he holds one of his passing camps in Raleigh. So we can tit-for-tat all day long but the facts are the facts.

By Tom - 01/03/14

I love how non-NC State fans like to rewrite history and act like Russell didnt graduate from State and play football there for 3 years.  He was a grad student at Wisconsin and he claims both schools.

By Robert - 01/03/14

Russell Wilson.  Worth fighting over.

By Pack fan - 01/03/14

I think the 49ers should use parts of “Punch you in the Eye”

By Andy Kemmer - 01/03/14

ha ha ha ha ha. cool story bros.

By bored - 01/03/14

Phish does the best Rolling Stones covers….songs the Stones themselves have never played live even.

By Chris T, Sarasota, Florida - 01/04/14


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