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Lena Dunham is Whining About Jambands Now

by Sam D'Arcangelo on March 11, 2014

If you've ever taken some time out of your life to watch HBO's Girls then you've probably noticed that the characters on Lena Dunham's hit series do a good bit of whining. Whether its their ex-boyfriends, potential boyfriends, maybe-kind-of-boyfriends, jobs, roommates, parents or, uh, boyfriends, the girls of Girls always find something to complain about. Now, it looks like Dunham has (briefly) aimed her crosshairs at our beloved jambands. The writer/director/actress tweeted about her distaste for an unnamed improvisational group after leaving Austin's SXSW yesterday:

She later added:

For all we know that's a perfectly fair criticism of the band at hand, though some of us happen to enjoy the various configurations of "fluuurb" that make up so many of the crunchiest jams. Either way, it might be a good thing that jambands have attained a level of cultural significance that makes them worthy of a put down by one of our era's barest social critics.


Notice the time of her tweet..4:20!

By Justin Time - 03/11/14

Good.  Fewer fat slobs at shows is a great thing.  Plus I don’t think they serve bacon at shows anymore so she’s definitely out.

By Jesse - 03/11/14

Good one jess

By john - 03/11/14

Did you just personally attack and fat-shame someone because she happened to disagree with your personal taste in music? You’re a real fucking winner.

By Kelly - 03/11/14

Kelly = Fat

By Jabba the Hut - 03/11/14

Who cares? Like my grandpop used to say “opinion are like assholes; everyone has one”...

By Jen - 03/11/14

I did. She sucks and has personally raised the price of bacon to unacceptable levels.

By Jesse - 03/11/14

Plenty of “fat” people enjoy jam bands and deserve to be at shows. I’m overweight and my life pretty much revolves around music, traveling, and festivals. I think that was completely uncalled for and rude, Jesse. Oh, and I fucking HATE bacon.

By Sasha - 03/11/14

Sasha you probably hate bacon for the same reason I hate tequila: overconsumption that caused serious vomiting.

By Jesse - 03/11/14

She loves the bacon

By whinyfatbaconperson - 03/11/14

Maybe our lives should revolve around more than just music, traveling, and fesitvals.  How about some veggies, exercise, water, and fresh air?  Could do many of us good, my self included. 
#populationhealth #affordablecareact

By Mr. Goodbody - 03/11/14

Ummm no. I get enough exercise walking from my campsite to the stage. I pay twice as much as any sane person should for the veggie wrap the wooks on shakedown are selling, but theyre damn good. And i take advantage of all the water in my beer. smile screw that fat bacon lover lady, jam bands dont want her anyway

By Fatladyslayer - 03/11/14

“crunchiest jams” ???  It’s phrases such as this created by Jam Band fans that makes many of us hate Jam Bands. I often say I hate Jam Bands, I loved them he was in highschool. Said I grew out of them and hated them now, but when I throw in a moe./Widespread/Phish ect.. CD I still like it. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t hate jambands just jamband fans. I can’t enjoy a jamband concert anymore cause it is full of “crunchy” (horribly douchey, and completely stuck up even though they look homeless) jamband fans.

By there is more to life than repetitive music - 03/11/14

This has got to be…absolutely…the dumbest discussion on the internet. 

What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

By Bill - 03/11/14

Ha!  Jesse, thank you!  It’s the fatties that are knocking my skinny ass over all the time at shows. Let’s fat-shame because really, it’s just more of their own reality.

By That skinny bitch - 03/11/14

A disclaimer: I love Phish more than anything on earth. And I love Lena Dunham.

But really? “Whining” b/c she perhaps didn’t want to hear a band all night? I’ve been there and it has been at festivals I voluntarily went to. This is nothing but the fad thing to do right now is go apeshit about anything she says.

And one reason I love jambands is for the honest and inclusive community of followers around them. But this shit on here about bacon and being fat is small people stuff we should leave alone. She could say jam bands don’t even qualify as music and it doesn’t warrant these comments. It should not be a newsflash people have different tastes in music and one person’s music that hits otherworldly levels for them may fall flat on the ears of another. And that is perfectly acceptable. Peace.

By Rachel - 03/11/14

Thank you, Rachel!  Well said. We all need to display more humanity today.

By xoxo - 03/11/14

Who the fuck is Lena Dunham?

By I love lena dunham - 03/11/14

You can find some primo applewood-smoked shit at just about any show if you know how to ask.

By O. Mayer - 03/11/14

whoever THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN REPETITIVE MUSIC nailed it. terms like “crunchy jams” and even “jam band” send douche chills all the way up my spine.

By Fatty McFatFat - 03/12/14


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