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Gregg Allman Says The Allman Brothers Will Stop Touring After 2014

January 28, 2014

Gregg Allman says that The Allman Brothers Band will stop touring at the end of 2014. When asked about The Allman Brothers Band’s future as part of an interview for the 40th anniversary issue of Relix, Allman says, “This is it—this is the end of it.” He goes on to say, “45 years is enough and I want to do something else, anyway. Everyone has their own real good respective bands.” However, he leaves the door open to possible reunions down the road. “Whose to say?,” All We may get together every five years and just do one play at a time,” he admits

As previously reported, Allman Brothers Band guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks will leave the veteran group at the end of 2014. Allman will continue to tour with his recharged Gregg Allman & Friends project. The singer/organist recently expanded his solo project to include a full horn section and longtime Allman Brothers Band percussionist Marc Quiñones. Keyboardist Ben Stivers and bassist Ron Johnson (Warren Haynes Band, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe) also recently joined the outfit. For more on Allman’s future plans and recent tribute show, please pre-order the next issue of Relix.


Ah, crap!

By GKWoodward - 01/28/14


By Nasquash - 01/28/14

no say it aint so. this means 2014 is gonna be busy for me. my 4 month old grandson needs to see the brothers live according to his mom Miss Brittany Miller since I brought her when she was young. now she is a hugh fan. I thank you The Allman Brothers Band for years and years of top shelf rock & roll. I hope to catch the Beacon Theater shows again and plan on the peach Festival as well

By allen [elby] miller - 01/28/14

And 45 years of pleasure for us all. I understand.. although a final blues for your retirement of tours would be great. Love your music,...always have and will.

By Kimmiejo - 01/28/14

Sad Day for the ABB Family.

By Zyskie - 01/28/14

That through me…glad to know there will be more. smile

By kimmiejo - 01/28/14

One of the few bands left with a ties back to our youth, when music was good.  It was a great run, ABB.

By Craig - 01/28/14

Enjoying since 1971. And still do. Always will ! Many Thanks guys

By Math from Haelen, Holland - 01/28/14

thanks for everything, and i look forward to all of you moving on and forward with your lives.amazing music for 45 years, you guys rule. thanks for all the joy you’ve brought to the world, and now you will get more in doing your various projects, and life experiences still yet to come! Bless you all, and i’ll see you at the beacon and the fall tour…..

By wah - 01/28/14

I’ve been listening to your music since 1970.  The ABB is one of the premier bands to come out of the 1960s and 1970s music scene.  I will miss your music dearly.  Good luck to all of you and thanks for the wonderful music!

By Paul - 01/28/14

Not totally unexpected.  Sadly, as far as I was concerned, they stopped touring a long time ago…only really playing stuff like festivals and Beacon.  It kind of became a running joke with my friends and me… the Allman Beacon Band.

By Steve - 01/28/14

sedan’s my hart , saw them the first time in 1973
their music will live for ever

By john hanks - 01/28/14

Awful news.  Even though they had scaled back a ton in the last few years….don’t know why they had to officially end it…a short beacon run…maybe 3 shows a year…that would have been great…thank god all the bands they are now in are great by themselves as well.

By jimmy p - 01/28/14

Had some great times at live shows that rival shows of any band in the history of live music. Thanks for the memories and the tunes!

By Matty R - 01/28/14

I guess we have to put up with loss. I actually thought they would be together forever!
Sorry to see them go. Got my Beacon tickets!
Now I got the blues.

By DeanD. - 01/28/14

thanks for the music and memories

By Phil Wagher - 01/28/14

Hope gregg and friends does some recording.

By Allman fan - 01/28/14

Not bad news really. As with the Dead/Furthur/Phil &Friends;/Rat Dog/Joe Russo’s Almost Dead/John K Band, all this will mean is that we’ll get a bunch of mixtures and different combos.  Hell, if Greg is touring with a full horn section on his own, it will be like the better Allmans shows that have the Asbury Dukes.  Here’s to the new stuff.  And yeah, I’ll be at two of the Beacon shows, if not more.

By PatsFan_Mike - 01/28/14

Lookn’ forward to Lockn’ with ABB.

By Steve - 01/28/14

Was anyone else at the “Be Ins” they put on in Jacksonville way back in 1967.  I was at the first one at Willowbranch park.  They were putting the band together and Greg hadn’t returned from California.  I believe that Reese Wynans was on the B3.  I think the rest of the band was there.

By Joe Barnes - 01/28/14


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