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Exclusive Free Download from Trigger Hippy (Steve Gorman, Joan Osborne, Jackie Greene)

November 21, 2013

Trigger Hippy, the new project spearheaded by Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman will release its debut EP next Friday. The group, which also features Joan Osborne, Jackie Greene, Tom Bukovac and bassist Nick Govrik, has recorded four original songs written collectively for this self-titled release. The limited edition 10-inch EP, will be available on November 29 at independent US record stores as part of the Black Friday Record Store Day promotion. Today we are offering the lead track as a free download (the official lyric video appears below as well). Trigger Hippy will take to the road for an extended series of dates in 2014, with an announcement coming soon.



By Keith KJ Lenn - 11/21/13

Great song!!!  Thank you for the download.  Hope you guys make it “up nort” to Wisconsin next time!!!!!!

By - 11/21/13

Nice, Jackie and Buk are killin’ it.

By Mike - 11/21/13


By Lily - 11/21/13

FINALLY !!!  I just love this little combo -

By Barry Wolfinsohn - 11/21/13

Love it!! Hope u can make it to the UK

By Paul Gyte - 11/21/13

So glad to see tom bukovac playing lead w/this band.  Dude is just great!

By robert greenwood - 11/24/13

That’s great!!!

By Gosc - 12/01/13

Come to San Diego!  Or the Doheny Blues fest!!

By esteef - 12/13/13

Pig Man rocks.

By Keith Richards - 01/01/14


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