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Deadheads and Bob Dylan Fans Face Off in “Most Defensive Fan” Bracket

by Rob Slater on March 20, 2014

Deadspin's Drew Magary is at it again, this time creating the "Most Defensive Fan" Bracket in honor of the March Madness season. Magary, Deadspin's most popular (and best) satirical writer, didn't hold anything back in this bracket as everyone gets a taste of his rage, some people multiple times. Upon first look, I personally fall into seven of these categories. Oh well. The matchup that everyone reading should glance over to is the pesky 8/9 matchup in the "Worst Episode Ever" region. Named for those compulsive TV viewers who "hate-watch" shows (see: 90% of Newsroom viewers), the 8/9 matchup pits Deadheads against Bob Dylan fans.

An interesting matchup for sure. One is going to have to win and has a legitimate chance to move through the next round as one will advance to face the winner of Team Breezy (who people tell me are the fans of something called a Chris Brown) and fans of the TV show Prestige, whatever that is. A potentially internet-crashing matchup awaits in the Not-So-Sweet 16 as the Beliebers will probably make it through. Deadheads vs. Beliebers? Let's just call it The Kanter Bowl.

Magary has mentioned the Dead (as well as Phish) before in some of his pieces, however he doesn't seem to have a very fond opinion of them. As a reminder, most of this is clearly satire and overreacting in a negative way would only prove the point the writer is not at all trying to make. This is just for fun, so let's all laugh at ourselves (and others) and go VOTE.


Chicagoans! Why you….Ha! A subset of that would be Sox fans and their opinions of all things Cubs. Talked about bitchy.

By Danny B. - 03/20/14

Bob Dylan is the ultimate songwriting.  Completely peerless. And he is still relavent.
You cannot compare the 2.  Although, Jerry did the best covers of Dylan songs of anyone.
I would have to give. The nod to the Grateful Dead though.
Hunter/Garcia are the most underrated duo of songwriters in the world.
Plus the band had the greatest talent ever.
The Dead win because they drew more fans than any band ever. 
That says it all.

By Kenny Mac - 03/20/14

Totally should have been Phish. Their fans are always trying to convince people there is a reason to go to their shows, even if you have to wear earplugs! Most Deadheads justt say if I have to explain you wouldn’t understand…

By Mel Doomis - 03/20/14


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