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UPDATE: Jason Isbell’s Drummer Has Finally Seen ‘Jurrassic Park’

by Rob Slater on February 11, 2016

It's been 612 long days, but our national nightmare is finally over. Jason Isbell's drummer, Chad Gamble, has seen Jurassic Park

Isbell mercifully updated the masses on Twitter after sending the following tweet on June 8, 2014. Gamble, the drummer for Isbell's 400 Unit, hasn't responded with his thoughts on the 1993 classic, his thoughts on dinosaurs in general or the completely unnecessary Jeff Goldblum shirtless shot late in the movie. Alas, we will await all of this information. 

The big thing here is that there is one less person in this world who hasn't seen Jurassic Park. With your help, maybe we can finally reduce that number to zero, as everyone should have that movie permanently etched into their memories forever. Pro Tip: You can skip Jurassic Park III, that shit was terrible. Stupid Billy and his greed almost gets everyone killed. 


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