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Bill Walton’s Chicago Photos, Ranked

by Rob Slater on July 07, 2015

Maybe the non-musical highlight of Fare Thee Well was Bill Walton's Twitter account, which featured extensive documentation of his travels from Santa Clara to Chicago and everywhere in between. The NBA Hall of Famer rubbed elbows with the band members, those in the crowd as well we members of the extended Grateful Dead family and managed to snap a photo with as many of them as possible, creating a wonderful collection of memories from the Chicago weekend.

Below is the definitive list of Walton's Chicago photo tweets and for more required Fare Thee Well reading, check out this essay penned by Walton for the official show program. 

12. The Chairman of the Boards and a man who collected almost 5,000 boards in his NBA career

11. Also, the Gordons

10. And finally, Trey Anastasio and Annabelle Garcia

9. The Big Man throwing it down with 70,000+

8. VIP transport to Soldier Field

7. Consulting with Cortez who was back home watching on the couch

6. A final goodbye from Chicago

5. The Hornsby photobomb

4. More love to the catering crew. Always take care of the people who handle your food, kids

3. I like cake too, Bill

2. One last hang with Jerry

1. Sparking it up with the Dancing Bears



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