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April_May 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: My Morning Jacket - Circuital
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The Core: Umphrey’s McGee

by Mike Greenhaus on April 17, 2015
Earlier this month, Umphrey's McGee unveiled The London Session, a product of one special day spent recording at the famed Abbey Road Studios during a trip across the pond in the summer of...

Brothers in Arms: Butch Trucks & Jaimoe (Throwback Thursday)

by Dean Budnick on April 16, 2015
With the Wanee Festical now underway, we share this interview with founding Allman Brothers Band drummers Butch Trucks and Jaimoe, which ran in the April 2009 issue of Relix. On a...

My Morning Jacket: Only Memories Remain (Cover Story Excerpt)

by Benjy Eisen on April 15, 2015
The April_May issue of Relix features a cover story on My Morning Jacket. Here's a first look at the piece... I’m bruised, sunburned, hoarse, dehydrated, unkempt, hungover and...

Group at Work: Fly Golden Eagle

by Ryan Reed on April 14, 2015
The strangely disparate seeds of Fly Golden Eagle’s second studio album, the psychedelic double-LP Quartz, are part of a “messianic pilgrimage” that nods to Jesus, punk-Buddhist...

Flying Solo with Greensky Bluegrass

by Laura Goldfarb on April 10, 2015
Photo by Allen Erwin It's just after sundown and I'm standing on my back patio with one hand held in the air, slowly waving from side to side, as though that's the best way to feel out...

Robby Krieger on The Doors’ Feast of Friends

by Mike Greenhaus on April 10, 2015
“Feast Of Friends was supposed to be a full-length movie but we got bored and never finished it,” Doors guitarist Robby Krieger says with a laugh about the first and only film produced...

The London Souls: Rock-and-Roll Survivors

by Rob Slater on April 09, 2015
If you peruse the influences that most bands playing “rock” music cite these days, then you’ll find one or all of the following: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix. There...

The Core: George Porter Jr. and Page McConnell

by Mike Greenhaus on April 08, 2015
Worn-Out Cassettes Page McConnell: My dad spent a lot of time in New Orleans in the ‘50s and just loved the music. He encouraged me to consider schools there, so I always had an...

The Decemberists: ‘Worlds’ of Ice and Fire

by Ryan Reed on April 07, 2015
Colin Meloy is often pigeonholed as a rigidly bookish songwriter—a man armed with a grand vision and a grander thesaurus. Indeed, he often composes within the framework of a larger...

A Follow Up Visit With The Grateful Doc

April 03, 2015
Grateful Dead Family Doctor Hat Pins via Etsy After I published a couple of articles in Relix last Summer, I decided I’d wait a little while before resurfacing with something...

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