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January_February 2016 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tedeschi Trucks Band "Anyhow"
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Bob Marley: A Legend at 70

by Larson Sutton on February 06, 2016
In honor of Bob Marley's 71st birthday, we look back at this piece reflecting on his 70th...“Woy-Yoy!" calls out Stephen  Marley, clutching his head in his hand, momentarily holding a pose...

Refuge at the End of San Francisco: Eric Bauer’s Mansion and the New New Psychedelic

by Richard B. Simon on February 04, 2016
San Francisco is dying. The epicenter of American counterculture—a spawning ground for beat writers, wave after wave of psychedelic rock and punk rock, the environmental movement and the gay...

Spotlight: Trixie Whitley

by Emily Zemler on February 03, 2016
Trixie Whitley hasn’t always felt that the term “self-taught musician” was a compliment. The daughter of Chris Whitley, a cult hero singer-songwriter who tragically died when she was only...

Jerry Garcia Puts His Mettle to the Pedal (An Excerpt From ‘Jerry on Jerry’)

February 01, 2016
“Jerry Garcia was the most remarkable mind and personality that I— and a lot of other people—ever encountered; the most curious, the most articulate, the most charismatic,” longtime Grateful...

Rearview Mirror: Paul Kantner

by Mike Greenhaus on January 29, 2016
This article originally appeared in the 2009 December_January issue of Relix. A few years ago, Paul Kantner decided to revisit Jefferson Airplane's counterculture roots by recording an album of...

Group At Work: Bump

by Matt Nestor on January 27, 2016
Though Bump have been playing together for just over a year, the Saratoga Springs, N.Y.-based rock band can actually trace their roots back to the late-‘90s jamband scene, when Todd Pasternack,...

Tedeschi Trucks Band: A Joyful Noise

by Dean Budnick on January 26, 2016
It's 30 minutes to showtime, and Derek Trucks is uncomfortable.  This is not to say that he’s anxious about the events about to unfold onstage before a capacity house at the ornate...

Reel Time: Brett Dennen

by Mike Greenhaus on January 26, 2016
“The only complicated thing about this record was the songwriting,” singer-songwriter Brett Dennen says with a slight chuckle while surveying the early stages of his forthcoming sixth album....

Tortoise: Return of the Terrapin Rhythm Section

by Jesse Jarnow on January 22, 2016
What to do if you're Tortoise? You’ve already kicked open the door of new music and flattened out the remaining walls between rock and jazz and dub and more, artistically and socially. You’ve...

Track By Track: Lettuce’s Crush

by Dean Budnick on January 19, 2016
While the group's founding members are still in their 30s, Lettuce has been an active entity since 1992. The funk-soul collective first came together when its core players met at a Berklee College...

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