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July_August Relix Magazine Sampler: Cold Roses | "Staying Alive Ain't Easy"
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From The Lockn’ Times: Victory Dance

by Matt Inman on August 28, 2016
Photo by Stuart Levine “We need as much love as we can get.” Jim James issued this credo while leading My Morning Jacket through a cover of “What the World Needs Now is Love,” and...

Dave Schools: Lockn’ Four-Timer

by Dean Budnick on August 27, 2016
Bassist Dave Schools is one of those musicians who has performed at every Lockn’. From 2013-15 he appeared with Widespread Panic and this year he’s here with Hard Working Americans. Schools...

From The Lockn’ Times: Blaze On

by Mike Greenhaus on August 27, 2016
Phish en Fuego  photo by Stuart Levine.Phish and Ween first intersected on December 11, 1997, when The Vermont Quartet covered “Roses are Free” during a seamless second set at the War Memorial...

From the Lockn’ Times: All In Time

by Rob Slater on August 26, 2016
The Mighty Ween- photo by Jay BlakesbergWhat a difference a year makes. After the 2015 edition of Lockn' was marred by a vicious microburst that tore through the area, causing extensive...

From The Lockn’ Times: Lockn’ Up

by Dean Budnick on August 25, 2016
Dave Frey, Peter Shapiro and the seeds they've sown- photo by Jay Blakesberg “It’s hard to describe what Lockn’ means to me,” explains Jeffrey Windt, shortly after completing the 7 hour...

Lockn’ Times 2016 Sampler

August 25, 2016
Click here to download the music from our special Lockn' Times 2016 sampler (with the artists profiled below).

Ziggy Marley: The Good Governor

by Larson Sutton on August 16, 2016
In this, the summer of our political discontent, there is another voice calling for change whose favorables remain high. Pundits will trumpet his progressive viewpoints and declare him a steadfast...

Kung Fu: Back in the Driver’s Seat

by Matt Inman on August 11, 2016
“Change is exciting, challenging and a constant part of life. It is the process of evolution and growth. We do our best to embrace change in our lives and the music we play.” With these words...

Michael Houser: An Interview

by Todd A. Prusin on August 10, 2016
Widespread Panic's founding guitarist Michael Houser passed away on this day in 2002. To commemorate his life, today we revisit this 1997 interview with Houser. On August 10, 2002,...

At Work: Moon Hooch

by Matt Inman on August 10, 2016
Though they are far from their days busking in the New York subways—at least in terms of career success, if not in actual time lapsed—the three members of Moon Hooch are not content with simply...

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